My name is Gary Joe Uribe. I am an artist from the lone star state. My media includes drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. Drawing, painting, and photography allows me the immediate execution of my ideas. I draw what I see when I'm literal. I draw what I feel when I am not. I draw from my life. 

Art is my life. I create, write, teach, and think about art everyday. 

I have to work through the serial iterations to achieve my goal of understanding and conveying a multi-faceted perspective for my subject matter. A few of my explorations include identity, conformity, individuality, masculinity, human nurture and Mother Nature.

Literal ideas morph into abstracts and archetypal ideals.  My models allow me to express my observations on gender, societal, familial models, beauty, allegorical relationships, personal experiences, and the Self.

I love to be able to rendering a trompe l'oeil drawing as well as a thoughtfully constructed conceptual piece.

 I draw contour lines to show my hand and I draw geometric lines to show my mind.

My studio practice is a mercurial process, akin to a squirrel crossing a road. However, the process consists of systematic and predictable steps to keep me focused.

I look to mundane, ordinary, everyday beauty of Texas nature, as well as the symbols and detritus of this consumer's choices to name a couple of my subjects.

I attempt to reveal the beauty and grace of my subjects. 

Everything is for sale.

Thank y'all for visiting. 

"The creation of beauty is art." Ralph Waldo Emerson