Welcome to my site. My name is Gary Joe Uribe, but I am also called Bunky. I am also called a lot of other names, some not so endearing.   I am an artist from the Lone Star State.  Being a Texan is a complicated aspect of my Self, I seek to understand more clearly.  It's a source of pride for me, to be labeled Texan, but is one complicated label. Texas is rich with historic, pervasive, and an idealized way of life.  The fanciful folklore status associated with Texans doesn't tell the whole story. Texas is saddled with history not so friendly and doesn't live up to our motto. I love growing up in rural Parker County, because  it's where my education and love of wonderment of my whole world began.

I use symbols from different parts of life like clothing, consumer products, detritus to create. Drawing is the first way. Drawing is every day. I learn so much from each iteration, variation of a theme, etc. I have a need to draw, to understand. The study of the stuff of which I am made include both external and internal parts literal and metaphorical. Nothing is off limits as long as it is true.

Recently, I realized,  like the range in themes and media,  parts of my art, which are by definition, parts of me, are not well liked, well received, or well understood. It bears noting that I am gay. Anachronistic in nature and form,  because that stuff don't happen, or at least it didn't seem that way. If you're conflicted about a big mo artist from Texas who is a liberal, tree-hugging, progressive philosopher/artist/warrior/king, or queen in this case, welcome to my world. Being you is the most daring work of art. It keeps people on their toes. Once you're pigeon-holed, all dimensionality is lost, as well as your power. I do not believe in limits, in myself.

 I do believe in limits regarding my work. Self imposed guidelines are the grist for the creative mill. I work in a range from representation to abstraction. The style is dependent on what I am focused on. I may be looking at the individual characteristics of a personal experience in time, or may distill the metaphorical down to it's basest makeup. 

A few of my explorations include identity, conformity, individuality, masculinity, human nurture, and Mother Nature. My work allows me to express my observations on gender, familial models, and personal experiences. 

My studio practice is a mercurial process, akin to a squirrel crossing a road or more likely in Texas, an armadillo dead on the side of the road. hahaha so watch it should be entertaining. The process also consists of systematic and predictable steps to keep me focused. I love rendering a convincing trope l'oeil drawing as well as a thoughtfully constructed conceptual piece. I seek to strengthen my execution and vision. Inspiration is in the foundation of mundane, ordinary, everyday life experiences and uncovering the truth and beauty.

It's the extra that transforms the ordinary. 

Making art is my compulsion. I hope viewing my site becomes yours.

Thank y'all for visiting.