State of US. 24x24" acrylic on polypropylene. 2018.


​a new site will be launched featuring my art and design in a whole new light. It is called 



​I am revamping my site and hope it is not confusing. I want to categorize and curate the work content a bit more understandably.  I am in the process of grouping similarly themed work which incorporates diverse themes. Recurring motifs include mens' fashions, academic examples I share with my young padawan learners, and the detritus created by our post consumers, post citizens, post constituency world, which I contrast with the organic nature of my little part of the world. Disparate as it sounds there is difficulty making the lines demarcation somewhat problematic. My voluminous results from daily work and may be found in the Gallery tab. A professor once commented that my work demands and expects a great deal from my audience, so you've been forewarned.  Because of the variety of interests combined with the multiple perspectives mingled with media choice than the astronomical results. And that deals with a lot of options, some of which may be found in the tabs.  Consider them very complicated vision boards. But like me, my art, and work are also in progress.  So, I invite you take a quick look or saunter at your leisure. 

And remember the exciting developments of my creation; "Big John."

As this is the first major renovation, there may be some fine tuning to follow.  My intention is to make my website more accessible. If you have questions about commissions, purchases, etc., please send me an e-mail.  Thank y'all. Sending groovy vibrations of peace and love. GJU.


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